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SMS Marketing

For two years, I voluntarily served as Kutztown University Radio‘s Social Media Coordinator. I left the position having managed six professional profiles encompassing over 6,000 fans. We built an engrossing Instagram and Mixcloud profile from scratch while maintaining our established Facebook and Twitter networks.

Social Media Certicication
Social Media Certification- Hubspot

The goal is simple: always improve. As SMS coordinator, I tried identifying our own internal weaknesses and other’s strengths through in depth content analysis, internal polling, and promotional meetings. Thanks to our efforts, the radio station launched a new branding campaign aimed at our ideal customer profile, shifted to hyperlocal original and curated content, and adapted all activity under the #kuradio tag for analytics tracking purposes.

kur-social media_Facebook Header

SMS ROI, SWOT, Adwords/SMS Analytics Analysis

Under my tenure, overall online audience doubled, reach increased 214%, while growth rates improved on Twitter by 714%. Data analyzed from compiled Facebook, Twitter, and Mixcloud analytic reports. It’s thanks to ROI, SWOT, and SMS analytics analysis that I’ve been successful in my time as a marketer and media personality. I’m able to predict activity and react accordingly through previously collected data and audience behaviors.

My promotional marketing efforts are within nonprofit, broadcast, and government industries. Its easy to just slap a few numbers on a screen and call it a day. But I’m not a fan of that. It’s why I worked for Google’s Adwords and Analytics Certificates, which you can click on below. Now, I’m qualified to understand, interpret, and deliver positive SMS ROI for the fat cats.

Google Adwords Certified

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Marketing Qualification

Inbound Relations

For two academic years, I served as an elected member of Kutztown University’s Student Government Board. During my time in office, leadership appointed me to Public Relations Chair, responsible for any and all external communication with our constituents.

Under the #KUSGB tag, we launched a campaign honoring the written past of Kutztown’s skyline and surrounding community. The campaign, built primarily using Adobe Photoshop, focused on increasing student body awareness of board location, meetings, and Dean’s Liaison contact information. We understood students didn’t see the discussions and progress occurring outside of our weekly meetings. That had to change.


In the nine months I chaired PR, SGB saw the two most successful elections ever, the highest growth rates across all active platforms ever, collaborative communication between organizations and the board, and interactive implementation of weekly meetings, including: live-tweeting, live streaming, and Adobe creative suite use for posters or video. With increased awareness, the board also saw its highest rate of student engagement, though mostly negative. The content of the messages we received, while important, wasn’t the goal. We simply wanted students to engage with their campus in a way they previously didn’t.

Audio & New Media Editing

Using Adobe creative suite, or free programs like Audacity, I’ve expressed a comprehensive knowledge of media editing.

InDesign + Writing sample- Kutztown University Radio

InDesign+ Writing sample 2- Kutztown University Radio

InDesign + Writing sample 3- Lakers SMS content analysis

Capstone Senior Research- The Clemens Incident

Collegiate Broadcasting- Mixcloud profile

Kutztown Live- YouTube profile

Other Noteworthy Skills, Certifications

  • Digital Rhetoric– Strong multimodal skills with the intent to identify, inform, persuade, and inspire. Senior Capstone research at Kutztown University directly involved Rhetorical sentiment, as did several key assignments in my graduation portfolio.
  • Holistic Communication– Considerate, capable dyadic participant in individual and small group settings
  • Broadcasting– Years of hands-on experience understanding and participating in communal, new media environment. Highly endorsed on LinkedIn.
  • Public Speaking– Eager, determined and perceptive public speaker. Coordinated, conducted organizational meetings as Kutztown University Radio station President, Public Relations Chair of KU Student Government.
  • Copy Editing– Adept understanding of grammatical structure in professional language. Professionally trained writing student at Kutztown University. Proficient in AP style. Thank you Strunk & White.
  • Inbound– Certified, aligned inbound marketer. Customer-first. Always.
  • Cultural Accountability– Created, enforced Kutztown University Radio SMS policy, adapted organization bylaws to coincide with leadership expectations of accountability in both professional settings and online. Clear, direct, accessible.
  • Inbound Certification- Hubspot Academy

  • Google Mobile Sites Certification


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