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Resume & CV (Updated December 2018) 

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McFarland Student Union at Kutztown University- Events Coordinator & Administrative Assistant


It helps to have friends. Thanks to connections built as a student at Kutztown University, I earned opportunity in Kutztown’s Student Union Building. Since September 2018, the MSU Operations office and I’ve worked together planning events, managing an extensive budget, and coordinating a dedicated student staff. This position is a full-time, professional staff role in higher education administration. 

  • Coordinate, finalize event scheduling/planning for KU student organizations/offices through EMS online scheduling software
  • Responsible for booking, reservations of all scheduled programs in KU’s student union building
  • Communicate event planning, evaluate event success with campus organizations and leaders
  • Coordinate budget exceeding $1.5 million with operations, technology professional staff
  • Manage internal payment processes through SAP, ESS software
  • High volume data entry
  • Operate work order system for the student union building
  • Office management
  • McFarland Student Union building Director, staff support


Kutztown University’s Visual & Performing Arts- Student Social Media Marketer


Simply put, I edited, created, consulted, and produced digital Social Networking Site (SNS) content for the College of Visual & Performing Arts at Kutztown University and The Marlin & Regina Miller GalleryWorking closely with the KU Multimodal Gallery Director for Community Outreach and Dean’s office, our team created digital campaigns based on current events, student and professional gallery shows, and admissions initiatives. On top of our promotional efforts, I curated content from Kutztown students and organizations within KU’s VPA college, and maintained promotional opportunity within college departments through B2B, B2C, and traditional forms of promotion.



The avenues of which these events or students were promoted on include: traditional broadcast, social media, campus newspaper, print ads, and promotional event tables.

Kutztown University Student Government Board- Student Representative, Public Relations Chair

Fall 2016- Summer 2018


In November of 2016, the students of the Visual and Performing Arts College at KU elected me as their student representative to the administration and community. Without a doubt, SGB bolstered my confidence in my abilities as a marketer, empowered me to communicate problems to those willing and able to solve, and fostered a perspective of inclusion, community outreach, and assertive accountability. For a detailed list of accomplishments the board and I shared in my tenure, scroll below. 

Myself (top left) and several graduating KU SGB members at our annual Leadership luncheon.

From day one, I served as an engaged member on KUSGB’s Public Relations committee. I optimized all SMS channels, communicated methods of improvement, and engaged my constituents in conversation about their campus. This culminated as a Public Relations chair nomination in May of 2017. I happily accepted.

Me (back row, slightly right of center) and student leaders meeting with KU President Hawkinson and Interim State Chancellor Karen Whitney.
  • Managed, optimized SMS for KUSGB Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts
  • Optimized SMS presence (Kutztown-first student representation)
  • Created basic, sustainable campaigns for promotional efforts
  • Launched digital branding campaign
  • Proficient improvement of growth rates, total follower count through steady, deliberate SMS use
  • Coordination of representative duties with campus media clubs
  • Attended weekly meetings, office hours, chaired PR meetings
    • Public Relations Committee Member : Jan. 2017-May 2018
    • Public Relations PR Chair: May 2017-December 2018
  • Campus Support Fee Ad Hoc Response Committee: February 2018-April 2018
  • Student Budget Process Volunteer: October 2017
  • SGB Election Manager: August 2017, November 2017, March 2017
  • Campus Shuttle Service Extension Ad Hoc Response Committee: May 2017-August 2017
  • Campus Concert, KUTZSTOCK music festival student advisory committee: April 2017-August 2017
  • Paint the Town Gold- Local Town/School Spirit spirit initiative: November 2017

Kutztown University Radio- President, Social Media Director

Fall 2014- Spring 2018

PRESIDENT- 2017-2018 

I knew something special brewed in the studio. I understood the importance of the microphone. I also acknowledged many Kutztown students simply didn’t know the radio station existed. The organization that instilled public confidence, motivated me to stay at Kutztown, and provided some of the biggest challenges of my academic career simply had to be on the typical student’s radar. We cared about KU Radio, but the students didn’t care about us. I decided spending my senior year changing that. 

I lived, breathed, and slept Kutztown. My whole wardrobe, to this day, is dyed maroon and gold. Preaching staunch brand evangelism to our members and the collective student body, we pushed our message of creative expression both on campus and online.

We took the streets, went door to door and office to office, expressing our interest in helping the community on behalf of the station. My personal endeavor blossomed into my Advisor, Michael Regensburger, referring to me as “the most hard-working station President ever.” I sought out to achieve what many told me wasn’t possible. In some ways, I fell short. In others, I succeed beyond my wildest expectations. Read what KU Graduate and dedicated station member Justin Sweitzer has to say about the station.

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Accomplishment Snapshot

  • Rewrote, enforced station membership Constitution, Social Media Policy, GPA policy
  • Established streamlined leadership roles, created adaptive 
  • Advocated for student media leader compensation
  • Presented broadcast, SMS ROI to administration on quarterly basis
  • Advocated for stronger free speech rights to media leaders, student representatives
  • Chaired weekly member meetings (August 2017-May 2018)
  • Created, initiated extensive digital, physical recruitment campaign. Membership increased 140%.
  • Scheduled, hosted 75 campus event tables for organizational awareness and entertainment.
  • Planned, organized, developed first ever station member retreat, featuring Kutztown Director of Communication, first President of Radio station and current Alumni Board of Directors (December 2017-February 2018)
  • 93 submissions to Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards, received 10 total nominations, a program record (October-December 2017)
    • WON Best music in the COUNTRY, Nominated for BEST PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR (March 2017) from IBS Conference 2018
  • WON Best Student Organization of 2017-2018. Awarded by KU’s Student Government.


29497392_1916535385024454_2926777941708767232_o (1)
Station leadership at the 2018 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards. I’m far left.

Kutztown University Radio- Social Media Coordinator


I managed six SMS accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Mixcloud, Snapchat, YouTube). In the two years I served the role, I launched the station Instagram, Snapchat, and Mixcloud accounts.

Under my tenure, online follower total quadrupled, reaching over 5,000 across all platforms. Follower growth on radio station Twitter increased by 714% compared to the previous nine years of activity. Data representation from September 2017- February 2017. Mixcloud audience grew to over 500 followers, with 550k minutes streamed in first three months of implementation.

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  • Conducted door to door consulting, contracting, and community outreach initiatives with the intent to secure promotional material for free student giveaways.
  • Oversaw, consulted, implemented successful digital re-branding, including both aesthetic and content overhauls.
  • Managed, scheduled, posted 25+ digital media campaigns
  • Extensive evergreen curation
  • Practiced, and sometimes struggled with, a Holistic Team model for SMS activity
    • Slowly shifted into Centralized due to volunteer promotional work
  • Actively analyzed campaigns through SMS ROI concepts and KPI evaluation
  • Generated and presented several key SMO reports to campus administration 
  • Comprehensive Underwriting: Contacted, created, broadcasted over 120+ Student organizations and local business promotional materials. 
  • SEO, SMO: Optimized KU Radio YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, as well as website and keyword optimization
  • Teamwork & Community Outreach: Joint fundraiser with Kutztown’s Keystone Newspaper, extensive collaboration with Student Government, Kutztown University Presents! (large scale event planning and concert promotion), The campus Veterans’ Center, The Northeast Berks County Chamber of Commerce, the Kutztown Community Foundation, KU’s Sports Information Department, the Office of the Dean of Students, Student-managed Eckhaus Art Gallery, and many more. Community and campus first. Always.
  • Brand Evangelism: Scheduled promotional networking events on a weekly basis. Held free contests for students, recruited members, and helped students understand the active presence of their campus radio station through retargeting.
  • Event Planning: Organized member socials, retreats, award ceremonies, training procedures, meeting itineraries, and weekly meeting guests.

Nominated for best Social Media Director in the country- IBS 2018
Nominated for best use of social media for Mixcloud use- IBS 2018

Kutztown University Radio- Broadcast Host


The reason I enrolled in college. Yes, I wanted a degree. But, after scouring the Philadelphia concert scene, a pattern emerged: all of these shows were hosted by local broadcasters. So, I networked. Out of the terrible lighting and smoke, a consensus emerged- go to college and be on the radio. So that’s what I did.

Tuesdays 3-4pm (2)
Here’s an example

Kutztown Live is a syndicated talk podcast on Kutztown University Radio. Created in 2010 by station leadership, the program shifts hosts on a yearly basis. For the Fall 2017 semester, I asked to take part in the initiative as producer. I worked primarily on securing relevant guests, editing pre-recording interviews for broadcast, and sharing the program through appropriate SMS channels. It wasn’t until the Spring 2018 semester that I got my turn as a co-host. Listen here

  • Scheduled, interviewed over 125 unique guests for the 2017-2018 season
  • Edited all pre-recorded interviews
  • Created all promotional assets, content, and SMS activity

We wanted to create an inclusive space for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to discuss campus culture and events. Notable guests and organizations include: 

  • Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Schwank
  • NASCAR’s Todd Phillips
  • Minding Your Mind’s Drew Bergman
  • The Alliance of Peoples with Disabilities
  • The Office of the Dean of Students- Kutztown University
  • The Kutztown University admissions program
  • Kutztown Community Partnership
  • Northeast Berks County Chamber of Commerce
  • Berks County Foundation
  • KU’s Women & Gender Studies Program Director Dr. Colleen Clemens
  • KU Professors Moe Folk, Keith Massie: KU Social Media Major
  • local nonprofit Fading Autism Chair Frankel Antoine
  • Meningitis Survivor and Motivational Speaker Dr. Katelyn Weymouth.
Katelyn Kutztown-50
Myself interviewing Dr. Katelyn Meymouth (center) and KU’s Addiction and Awareness coordinator Fran Cortez-Funk (right).


I just wanted to share my music.

I liked my music. “Maybe someone else will too,” I thought. Didn’t realize I stepped onto something great. No, I’m not talking about my radio show. If anything, it sucked quite a bit. But, through the mistakes, I learned. Preparation, production, implementation, and technique helped me through extensive growing pains. Before ya know it, I’m the most senior member at the station. There’s nearly four years of broadcasting experience and familiarity on my belt. I’m grateful for the experience and hopeful future station members will follow a similar undergraduate career path. Listen here.

Broadcast Host

  • Michael’s Music (2014-2016)
    • A collection of music, thoughts, and feelings. This was simply a way to relax and express my thoughts. The studio, and mic, is a powerful mediator between the coursework rigors and anxious evenings.
  • playtime. (2016-2017)
    • The Summer of 2016 brings immense change to my undergraduate broadcasting career. Gone is the random, free-flowing nature of Michael’s Music- in comes playtime., a rousing cacophony of perspective, hindsight, theory, and therapy. We’d listen to carefully crafted music-focused programs through growing narratives and production experimentation. 
  • rdioplaytime. (2017)
    • For my final semester as a music program host, I removed some of the strict guidelines I initially set. I focused on the music that motivated me to keep going, opting for a lighter yet slightly more controlled process. Prior, I held myself back for the sake of understanding programming and structure. Now, with knowledge in tow, I decided to let it all hang out. 

Social Media Intern- The People Chronicles, LLC.

Summer 2017

On a cool day in March, The People Chronicles’ Jo Painter, a local broadcast tradition for nearly 30 years at WEEU, spoke with KU Radio membership on the importance of community engagement, storytelling, and public broadcasting. It struck a chord. Fast forward several weeks and there I am meeting with Jo, Toni, and Gammi agreeing to a Summer internship. 

My responsibilities as a remote intern at the People Chronicles involved the following:

  •  Brainstorm, curate, implement branding campaigns for podcasts and regional stories across multiple SMS accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
    • Curated local content from social, government, and business leaders in the Reading, Pennsylvania area.
  • Manage campaigns, Communicate with audience Hootsuite, Tweetdeck
  • Identified KPI’s,
  • Practiced inbound social listening, monitoring
  • Created buyer persona for PEOPLE academy content
  • Distributed relevant information to ICP, buyer persona.
  • SMO, SEO
  • Advised on social media habits and direction.
    • Implemented platform-specific videos, audio clips, and posts based on buyer persona and platform limitations.

The majority of my work was done remotely, through social monitoring and campaign management from my residence in Kutztown.

Kutztown University Residence Life

Spring 2015- Fall 2017

For two and a half years, I was a dedicated housing employee at Kutztown. I was fixated on fostering positive, inclusive culture in Kutztown residence halls. Something as simple as a hello goes a long way. I pride myself on customer-first service, always helping them find solutions while empowering them to solve their own issues as growing students at Kutztown.

My responsibilities as a Desk Receptionist  included: safety and service of the residents through dyadic communication or static announcements, scheduled safety drills, and detailed guest accountability. I also handled mail documentation, office cleanliness, and presentation. 

As a community assistant, I did everything you can read above, while hosting residential programs for social and cultural engagement, and conducted security rounds several times per shift. Each shift rotated through duty nights, in which I’d be responsible for the safety and communication of 75 residents during the Summer semesters.


Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

September 2014-May 2018

B.A. of Communication Studies

  • Professional Writing, Digital Communication and New Media minor(s)
  • Course list includes but is not limited to: Copy & Line Editing, Desktop Publishing, Digital Rhetoric & Writing, Interpersonal Communication Principles, Journalism, New Media & Communication, Persuasion, Social Media Analytics, Small Group Communication, Writing for Social Media. I’m really proud of my degree, but prouder of the volunteer work I accomplished using the skills learned at Kutztown. Not only did my degree prepare for the tasks at hand, but it empowered me to see them through. 


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