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Direct colleague references 

Michael Regensburger, Advisor and General Manager of Kutztown University Radio (2004-current)

I acted as Mr. O’Mara’s activity advisor/general manager at Kutztown University Radio, the University’s campus radio station, for several years while Mr. O’Mara was a student at the University. Mr. O’Mara was one of my most stellar staff.

Mr. O’Mara acted as the student president of the organization and our coordinator of social media as well as hosting one of the station’s premier radio programs. As such, Mr. O’Mara guided his peers as a prime example of quality work. During his tenure, Mr. O’Mara essentially took his presence on our radio station to an exemplary level. As such, Mr. O’Mara brought the campus, community, and the students he directed, to a greater understanding of the artistic and informational world around them. In addition, Mr. O’Mara continually strived to foster positive leadership skills, building a solid presence in our product.

Mr. O’Mara’s dedication to his position meant the station carved a solid niche in its realm on the radio dial. His self-starting personality and good example of how radio is to be done, is something we as a radio station are most proud of and forever will remember him for.

In addition, Mr. O’Mara, well above and beyond the call of duty, has assisted in providing encouragement to his fellow students to participate in self-betterment and enrichment in the world of broadcasting.

Perhaps most notable is the fact that Mr. O’Mara’s position here at Kutztown University Radio was on a volunteer/non-paid basis, and I can honestly say Mr. O’Mara’s work not only met but exceeded that of a professional on an external-world paid basis.

Therefore, I am certain Mr. O’Mara will make an excellent candidate for any position he applies for. In fact, it is my opinion that you would be hard pressed to find a candidate of Mr. O’Mara’s excellence anywhere else.

I recommend Mr. Michael O’Mara with highest regards.

Samantha Paine, Keystone Newspaper Editor-In-Chief, 2017-2018

“This vibrant young man has been one of my closest coworkers throughout my time at Kutztown University’s Keystone Newspaper. Leading and organizing a team of media creators is no easy task, and Mike showed great responsibility and professionalism throughout his tenure as the Kutztown University Radio President. Often times, we would get together to discuss our respective organizations. If either of us were facing a difficult decision or needed encouragement, we could rely on each other as support systems and sources of well-informed advice.

While our relationship was symbiotic, Mike helped me grow the confidence I have today. His mentorship was invaluable to me and our work together has greatly fueled my passion for media. I am grateful to have him as a point of contact, as he is a reliable individual to bounce ideas off of and discuss leadership strategies with. His attitude and personality paired with his motivation and ability makes for a first-class working relationship.” See it on LinkedIn.

Ryan McMahon, Creative Partner, coworker with Kutztown’s Residence Life

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike in various settings, allowing me to see his multifaceted talents in a variety of fields. Mike and I worked together at Kutztown University where we formed a close bond as team members and cooperated on many projects. Stemming from that friendship and connection, I was able to sit down with Mike during his tenure as president at Kutztown University Radio (KUR) and have an in-depth conversation for one of his radio shows, and got to really see his communication skills shine through broadcasting as well as media engagement. It was no surprise when he was giving me a tour of the broadcasting center that there were multiple awards for KUR’s excellence under Mike’s leadership; the guy has an innate inclination toward driving meaningful, genuine, and thought-provoking communication.

Mike is one of the most unique people I have ever met, and comes to situations with a fresh perspective and a can-do attitude that drives his productivity, and ultimately, his success in whatever endeavors he takes on. Mike is what every organization should be searching for; fresh thinking partnered with motivation that refuses to cease until the job is done.” See it on LinkedIn.

George Fladeland, Kutztown University Radio member, WFMZ videographer, Patriot League intern

“Michael is an extremely driven individual who amplified an award winning radio station in KUR. His social media game and engagement with the Kutztown students, community, and businesses will have a lasting impact for the radio station. From working public relations in person and on social media Mike knows how to market to the people and market a brand. His skill and tireless work ethic is what any employer should be looking for in their search for an entry level position. Mike is a game changer and I recommend him for his future aspirations.” See it on LinkedIn.