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My name’s Michael O’Mara. I’m a multimedia specialist interested in broadcasting, social, interpersonal communication and the places where they all intersect.

My work reflects not just a deep, critical comprehension of the subject, but the holistic, humanistic endeavors behind it. I convey empathy through my writing and service while focusing directly on constructive teamwork. I delve into the creative process of business and media, the personal motivations behind it, and how to optimize personal and professional productivity.

I’m a growing writer, editor, and, and broadcaster with a unique and tested perspective on today’s issues. I know how to use photography, video and design to supplement my work. I’m smart, capable, and willing to work for a paycheck. Let’s get hired!

Actively searching for new opportunities in the fields of Public Relations, Social Media, and Communication right here in Memphis, TN. My biggest expectations, in any professional role, are goodness of personal fit, healthcare, work/life balance, and relevancy to my area of study/expertise. I am not interested in temp-to-hire opportunities, part-time work. Because loans.

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Michael O’Mara

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